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Sorry, Martin, I now recognize that "new building" will not necessarily signify "new residence to get designed", and "an unvented attic, with R-fifty under the roof" should have been "an unvented attic, by having an R-50 roof'. Because It can be crystal clear to me doesn't suggest It is very clear to All people else.

Remember: if you decide on to setup rigid foam on top of your roof sheathing, don’t set up air flow channels under the roof sheathing; these two methods are incompatible.

Your system to set up 8 inches of rigid foam is an efficient a person, however you might be able to put in thinner foam if there is a powerful purpose to take action. Certainly, eight inches of rigid foam has a greater R-worth, and may conduct much better, than the usual thinner layer.

Most commercial roof assemblies You should not bother with the fluffy stuff. They just meet up with a hundred% of the R-benefit requirements for your roof with rigid foam (both EPS or polyiso) and skip the batts solely. That is the way I recommend that you simply progress.

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I've a detail for blueskin, to be a both of those an air and vapour barrier, but additionally it will eventually work as a seal for that screws that maintain everything down. In reference to the vaulted schematics on this site, it reveals vapour/air barrier along with insulation, which best site got me wondering. Pretty much as good as I am setting up products, nobody is ideal, and an air leak may possibly develop concerning XPS seams. When ANY dampness receives down to lower sheathing, it can be recreation over.

Most rafters aren’t deep adequate to support the insulation required to meet up with minimum amount R-values demanded by code, especially if the rafter bays contain a ventilation channel.

As creating scientist Monthly bill Rose has demonstrated, code needs for roof venting had been never ever based upon analysis or scientific concepts. In the effectively documented JLC

Right until not too long ago, constructing codes demanded that insulated sloped roofs include ventilation channels specifically beneath the roof sheathing. Quite a few builders however follow this time-analyzed method.

In the alternative, if we can't do a ventless roof like that, can we realize our overall insulation desires by combining the above and beneath deck R-Values if we prime it all having a vented around-roof? Many thanks for your time and effort plus your information! Dan

If you'd like to put in a mix of closed-cell spray-foam within the underside on the roof sheathing and air-permeable insulation between your rafters — an method at times named “flash and batt” — the making code involves that spray foam (or, arguably, rigid foam insulation) be “applied in immediate contact with the underside in the structural roof sheathing” and that the foam insulation meet the requirements “specified in Desk R806.

As I explained in the report on this web page, You cannot use fluffy (air-permeable) insulation within an unvented roof assembly unless you contain rigid foam or spray foam higher than the fluffy insulation.

This is certainly an option I'm taking into consideration in my home to save lots of the prior house owners newly put in roof shingles, although the depth with the rafters cannot accomodate adequate insulation to meet code. I am pondering if I need to furr out the rafters to get the desired thickness of spray foam, or if setting up a number of inches of polyiso foam for the underside of the rafters, following the spray foam, could function?

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